Ed Bagley

Hi, I'm Ed Bagley.

(Well, not the real me, but a caricature of me by Tucker Rzepecki, a Cartoonist and Custom ClipArt Designer.)


Don't Get Caught:

It is best not to print articles directly from my Ed Bagley's Archives because all of the articles in the Area Sections (Movie Reviews, Sports, etc.) are on the same page, and you will print out dozens of articles you do not want to get the one you do want.

This is because this website was done in FrontPage 2003, and in a frames construction, which means that this page is not really a (1) page, but actually 5 pages. The header is a page, each of the 3 panels below are a page, and all 4 pages together are the total page.

Therefore, When you want to print out one of my articles, create a new page, then highlight the article, copy and paste it to your new page, and then print it out.

This problem has been corrected with the new Ed Bagley's Blog, which has been done in a WordPress format with Cascading Style Sheets that allow only the current article on the page so it can be easily downloaded for those interested in doing so.

The new Ed Bagley's Blog was designed and created by Ashley Wakeman, a Content Writer and Website Designer who knows about SEO.


Thought for the Year:

Seek advice from those who are competent through their own experience and success to give you advice.


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